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Gerlad Pask - The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts & Church Age.mp3 August 2 - Gerald Pask: The Holy Spirit in the book of Acts and the Church Age
John Fryer - The Activity of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.mp3 July 26 - John Fryer: The activity of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament
Matt Rutherford - Who is the Holy Spirit.mp3 July 19 - 2015 - Matt Rutherford. Who is the Holy Spirit?
Ian Lowe - In the begininig was God.mp3 March 30 - Ian Lowe: In the beginning was God
Hayden Hillas - Salvation.mp3 March 23 - Hayden Hillas: Salvation
Jordan Wilson - Faith.mp3 March 16 - Jordan Wilson: Faith
Burney Daglish - Christianity_Truth or Lies.mp3 March 9 - Burney Daglish: Christianity: Truth or Lies
Hayden Hillas - Being Genuine from Head to Foot.mp3 February 9 - Hayden Hillas: Being genuine from head to foot
Gerald Pask - Barriers to Effective Prayer.mp3 January 26 - 2014 - Gerald Pask: Barriers to effective prayer
Roland Forman - On the Road to Emaus.mp3 October 20 - Roland Forman: On the road to Emaus
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