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Craig Barrow:  How God is knowable & Unknowable at the same time.

Session 1
Craig Barrow:  If God is outside time, how did Jesus come 'at the right time'? Session 2
Craig Barrow:  God was nowhere, but how He is everywhere? Session 3
Craig Barrow:  A God who is three separate persons, but one being, is illogical. Session 4
Craig Barrow:  Sunday Morning  -  You are not who you appear to be. Session 5
Joe Fleener:    God's Church through Christ's Gospel. Session 6
Joe Fleener:    Gospel Focused is people focused. Session 7
Joe Fleener:    With gospel privilege comes responsibility and hope. Session 8
Joe Fleener:    We respond to the gospel in how we live gathered as God's people. Session 9
Joe Fleener:    Sunday Morning  -  Finding joy through God's love.  Session 10
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